After living for a year in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island's rugged outer shore, we decided to fulfill another dream and move to the downtown area of Vancouver. These are the adventures, in words and images, of a couple of retirees now based in Lower Lonsdale.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Who are the Red Men?

My morning constitutional today took me north from 3rd Street up Lonsdale to 21st, then back down to the Quay, and then home for lunch. Just me, a couple of cameras, and a sharp eye to look for graphic elements that trigger the compositional reflex.

At the north end of my route, I spotted these sculptures that are part of the Brazilfest activities that feature Brazilian artists' works.

I love street art, and it's nice to see so much of it here in the area.

As I walked past this equine sculpture, I noticed that embedded in the sidewalk leading up to it, are metal horseshoe prints... cool!

And what is B.C. without the presence of the ubiquitous bear?

Passing by one of the many markets, I am drawn to the display of peppers, which look wonderful as a black and white composition.

A pleasant stroll, some nice images, and now it's time for lunch. Cheers!


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