After living for a year in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island's rugged outer shore, we decided to fulfill another dream and move to the downtown area of Vancouver. These are the adventures, in words and images, of a couple of retirees now based in Lower Lonsdale.

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Friday, 12 September 2014

Quay Trek

This afternoon, I trundled downhill to the Quay to exchange a hat that I had purchased that just didn't fit properly. The day is stunning, warm, bright and cloud-free. Lonsdale Avenue is currently undergoing some construction, with trenches for laying ducts and pipes, and other assorted subterranean structures.


Reaching the Quay, I joined the throngs enjoying the day and eating a variety of lunches out in the open air.


The view of downtown Vancouver is ready-made for panoramic presentation: cruise ships docked at Canada Place front and centre, and a lone SeaBus ferrying commuters and tourists across the inlet.


Below me, the specular highlights dance on the water, a constellation of coruscation, ever changing, ever fascinating.


Behind me, the Market building gleams brightly, it's red accents stark against the deeply polarized blue sky.


Near the entrance, swaths of boldly coloured and patterned fabrics catch my eye.


Inside, I capture a moment of commercialism as an attractive young woman tempts market goers with tasty treats.


Ascending to the upper levels, the geometry of the architecture catches my eye, and I see a composition that I know I will process and present as a study in black and white.


Looking down on the pedestrians from the rooftop, I see a composition featuring a woman and her attendant shadow against the nicely diagonal lattice of the paving stones.


So much for the eye to see, the mind to interpret and the camera to capture.


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