After living for a year in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island's rugged outer shore, we decided to fulfill another dream and move to the downtown area of Vancouver. These are the adventures, in words and images, of a couple of retirees now based in Lower Lonsdale.

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Snow LoLo

This past Friday night, we had snow here in LoLo (Lower Lonsdale), a quite rare occurrence for the west coast. And because it is so rare, at least certainly at the lower elevations, I naturally had to get out and photograph it.

And what better place to showcase this inclement white blanket than over at Lynn Valley? The contrast of the soft, cold covering against the beauty of the Seymour River, the snow coating its boulders and the surrounding foliage of the rainforest is without doubt, picturesque.





Later Saturday afternoon, I walked down to the Quay and looked for images that combined the snow within the cityscape. Here and there, splashes of colour peeked out in the late afternoon light.


The Chiba Gardens afforded me a few interesting scenes with the golden Japanese Maple leaves strikingly juxtaposed against the snow.



On the Spirit Trail, a design in the gravel retained unmelted snow that in the late afternoon's oblique, golden light had a lovely graphic quality.


Behind the Quay, snow covered the ground, as couples, bundled up against the cold, viewed the sun setting behind the horizon, silhouetting the downtown skyline.


Well, that's enough, thank you very much, I think I can do without any more snow for this season. After all, that's one of the reasons to live on the west coast, isn't it?


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