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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Lighting the Abyss

Last night, I went out to the Capilano Suspension Bridge to shoot the Canyon Lights. There are a number of very cool "trails" here, including the suspension bridge itself, the Treetop walk and a Cliffwalk.

The bridge is over 400 feet long and spans the Capilano River, 230 feet below. It also sways as you walk on it, and can be quite exciting for those challenged by heights.

During the holiday season, the place is lit up with thousands of lights which apparently took eight people two months to install!

Just across the bridge is a pond that reflects the lights suspended above, and although the thin coating of ice on the water marred the reflections a bit, it is still quite lovely.


The Treetops Adventure links eight huge Douglas Fir trees with suspension walks that connect to platforms around the trees. At over a hundred feet above the ground, it affords a remarkable view of the surrounding forest and the myriad lights.

One thing I found annoying is that many people don't see the poorly placed and poorly lit 'Exit Only' sign for this walk and you end up having to squeeze by them on narrow, swaying walkways as they traverse the loop in reverse.

From the treetops, you can see over the canyon to the giant, brilliantly lit trees and the cliff side that is bathed in light that changes colours.

Just back across the bridge, I tried out the Cliffwalk which is suspended out from the cliff over the abyss below.

This, as they say on their website, is "not for the faint of heart", and shuffling along the very narrow walkway, with virtually everything down on all sides, I was quite glad that it was so dark. I'm not sure how well I'd do on this during daylight hours. While I don't have vertigo (which Marcelle does suffer from), I am not fond of heights. That said, it is a spectacular attraction.

Quite the place... I look forward to going back and doing more photography theatre during the day as well.


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