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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Swift Game of Catch-Up

Not many posts these past few weeks. Most of my shooting time has been for imagery for the website, some for articles I have written.

As I write this post, I am listening to Taylor Swift's new release, 1989. Swift is not someone I have listened to, but the fact that this album sold 1.2-million copies in its first week just had me hooked.

WOW!!! I'm impressed, really impressed. This album is a recording engineer / producer's wet dream, it's that good. From a sonic production standpoint, it ranges from breathlessly airy dreamscapes to heavy, chunky walls of synths, bass and drums. Over the top of it all, Swift's excellent voice is an extravaganza of overdub tracks that weaves flights of harmonies, ever filling up chorus after chorus. The vocal production alone is impressive, not simply the marvelous sound, but the construction and usage of the harmony voices.

The nit I would pick is that although, as a friend of mine said, "the girl can write a hook", the hook is used over and over past the point of surfeit. The choruses, although clever and musically delicious, go on and on. I guess your mileage may vary, but I am ready for the song to end before the track does.

Probably the bottom line should be that I can't get these songs out of my mind, and I find myself slipping on the phones again and kicking back to the sonic feast.

As I sit here listening yet again, let me bring you up to date with some of my favorite recent images.



















Fare thee well for now!



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