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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Downtown Sojourn

Headed over this morning on the SeaBus to downtown to do a bit of a walkabout with my son Cameron, who had come in from Langley for a visit. We'd gotten together to catch up and had the time to watch a couple of movies, which is a favorite pastime.

One of the films we watched was Edge of Tomorrow, a Sci-Fi thriller with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, and was one of the best new films I've seen in the last few months. It's smart, taut, and a spectacle for the eye. The aliens are very original and come off much better than almost anything else in years.

This morning, Cam was headed back to Langley, so we just kind of spooked around downtown before he journeyed home. We did a bit of a circle and ended up over by BC Place, where he embarked on the Skytrain, and I wandered on towards Chinatown, then over to Gastown and finally to Waterfront Station.


One of the things I'm always on the lookout for is street art, whether it is monuments, specific street art pieces, or just graffiti. When I find some interesting graffiti, I like to crop in close on specific areas within the overall piece, concentrating on the texture and colours of the paint.


Walking along Water Street, in Gastown, I spotted in interesting moment between a young woman and a security guard at the exit of a parking garage.

Further on, this fascinating bicycle - sidecar combo appeared.

Across the street, a blonde woman strode purposefully along, latte in hand, and I processed it as black & white and then used Photoshop's Art History brush to "paint" back the colour of her hair. I like doing spot colour on a B&W image for the interesting effect it can offer.

As I crossed the walkway over the railway lines, on my way to board the SeaBus, I couldn't help capturing the lines of the sidings as they split and then concatenate again, all marvelous leading lines for the eye to travel.

Reminds me of the elaborate HO-gauge train set my father made for me (and I suspect, partially for himself too) when I was a child. Good memories.


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