After living for a year in Ucluelet, on Vancouver Island's rugged outer shore, we decided to fulfill another dream and move to the downtown area of Vancouver. These are the adventures, in words and images, of a couple of retirees now based in Lower Lonsdale.

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Doughnuts in Deep Cove

The day dawned bright and clear, a deep azure sky sporting high, wispy clouds, and Marcelle and I decided to try our luck at Deep Cove. We had attempted to explore this area last Sunday, but so, apparently, had the entire population of North Vancouver, and we were completely stymied at finding a parking space. This morning, we had no similar issues, and spent some time exploring this lovely area.

We parked and decided to eat some lunch before commencing out perambulations, and chose to nosh at Honey's Doughnuts, where we shared a chicken melt sandwich with delicious carrot coconut soup. Naturally, we also tried their marvelous doughnuts, Marcelle having a honey-glazed, while I tried a chocolate coated one. Yummy!

Tummies full, we waddled off to wander the walk along the water, through the park there. The water was calm with just enough movement to provide some lovely reflections. As you will already know, Dear Reader, I am a sucker for reflections and eagerly snap them up, often turning the resulting image 180-degrees to make it appear upright.



Out in the harbour, kayakers cut through the water, their alternating left-right strokes a symmetric ballet of movement that was hypnotic to watch.

As we marched along, we came upon an industrious crow, jealously guarding and efficiently devouring a discarded apple. As we slowly approached, he cocked his head sideways and eyed us hesitantly. Then, with a flurry of jet-black wings shot with iridescence, he effortlessly took to the air to land a few feet away. As soon as we had passed, he shot back to his prize before a usurper, skulking in the wings, could take possession. What astonishingly marvellous creatures crows and ravens are. We never tire of observing them.

Diverting out on the pier, I switched to my 18mm ultra-wide lens to get the "big picture", and as I composed, a seagull obligingly posed against the background sky. (I tried to explain the 'rule of thirds' to him, and that he should have been more to the left of right, but it was in vain, and the bloodly creature simply kept repeating "mine, mine, mine...".)

Before we left, we sat on one of the many benches overlooking this tranquil scene, basking in the sun's warmth, and simply enjoyed the day and the surroundings. Close to us, another couple was doing the same thing, and I stole a candid portrait as they conversed.


The north shore has so much to offer, and it's all so close to us. How lucky we are to be here!


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